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HyperBIM core offering is about generation 3D Data on-the-fly to be used effectively for various purposes such as:

  • 3D webGL online presentations including online product catalogs
  • generation BIM & CAD files to be downloaded online and later used in the BIM projects
  • generation Bill of Materials for configurable products and presentation in various formats
  • and much more

HyperBIM functionalities can be used directly from HyperBIM.com online platform as well as by connecting it directly using API.

It is possible to create fully customised 3D online catalog with presentation of Building Products. Of course product catalog will be available directly from the website of Manufacturer.

There are two ways how to manage it:

1. HyperBIM existing online components can be used


2. Fully customised web-layout can be developed + HyperBIM technology to support core functionality including: 3D product preview, product configuration, BIM file downloads, IFC information and general product data management

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Strategic goal of HyperBIM is to be open and supportive technology generating values to many groups operating within BIM and VDC business for Manufacturers of Building Products.

Following the strategy, HyperBIM can be considered as a general tool including providing access to the core functionalities as a web-service using API

HyperBIM intends to support Designers, Architects, Engineers who are involved in basic or advanced modelling of 3D Objects which represent Building Products.

Yes, HyperBIM is the right tool for You to try.

The primary goal of HyperBIM is to provide solutions for challenges you described.

The more configurable products are & the more configurable products your company offers, the more HyperBIM is suitable for you.

BIM and VDC are the areas where HyperBIM focuses.

It is known that BIM is about interoperability and it can be reached only when the right Product data is used in the right format.

At HyperBIM user can manually setup Information about product defining its own Property Sets or using already predefined Templates with Psets. User can expect 100% flexibility in management of Product metadata. Level of Information (LOI) is absolutely critical for effective use of BIM Objects within BIM Projects

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HyperBIM suite is a one-stop shop tool serving complete BIM Object live cycle for Manufacturers of Building Products

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