BIM for manufacturers

Manufacturers of Building Products

HyperBIM suite is a Complete & Integrated solution
dedicated to Manufacturers of Building Products

BIM projects...<br>Marketing space for building products

BIM projects...
Marketing space for building products

BIM Projects represent the Digital Marketing space for Product Manufacturers. Each and every well defined BIM Object meeting the needs of architect, designer or planner represent high potential of being specified in the BIM Project.
  • Each BIM Object specified in the Project represents high chance of future order the real product.
  • Be conscious & professional and use HyperBIM suite to reach your Business objectives effectively.
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Online catalog and configurable products customised to your needs

Online catalog and configurable products customised to your needs

How long can designers, engineers and planners wait for your files representing your Building Products?
Be proactive, build your own 3D product catalog using HyperBIM suite.

  • Online 3D Visualizations & BIM file downloads this is what your customers need.
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Your own manufacturer's Website

Your own manufacturer's Website

Is your Strategic goal to manage your products your way within New Digital Market Space?

  • Control Marketing Positioning of Your products
  • Place your BIM Objects on your website - it is crazy simple now.
  • Now, you can give the real live of BIM Products distributing it within unlimited digital space of BIM Projects

HyperBIM - The Real Marketing
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