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3D Parametric Modelling software

3D Parametric Modelling software

HyperBIM Suite consists of HyperBIM desktop application - authoring tool It covers all aspects of static and parametric geometrical modelling as well as metadata enrichment including IFC Psets (Propety Sets)

  • Designing your model in native environment of HyperBIM with/without using your existing models (STEP or other formats) is really simple.
Online configuration, management and product data enrichment Space

Online configuration, management and product data enrichment Space

It takes you just "one click" to Publish your HyperBIM 3D Model to the web-based online environment. Here all enjoyment starts. Having your Building Product digitized online you are able to generate variants of the model based on your parametric input.

  • Enrichment of the model with Product Information - manually or automatically from your PIM system - will make your
    Building Product real
Your own Website

Your own Website

  • Publish 3D BIM Objects directly on your website
  • Generate on-the-fly Visual Results of configurable Products before your the customer places an order
  • Build your own online product catalog
  • Use HyperBIM iFrame functionality or HyperBIM API
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